Rail Passes:

Rail pass is another service which H.M NASEER TOURISM PRIVATE LIMITED provides to travelers. Rail pass enable the travelers, to experience traveling through trains in different countries.
Our goal is to make booking, to travel simple by alleviating the hassles and unknowns. We also work with the greatest train suppliers of train passes worldwide. That means, we know where to get the best prices and you can avail the best service when you shop with us.
The train is an easy and relaxing way to explore Europe.
Here are some of the reasons why you should choose European rail travel over planes, cars or buses:
Easy access
Nearly every city has a station and most of them are served by trains multiple times per day. On domestic routes many trains run hourly if not more often.
With European rail travel, check-in simply means getting on the train. No need to arrive hours in advance, remove your shoes or walk through a metal detector. You can also bring your own food and drinks on board, if you want to.
Sit back, enjoy the view, talk to fellow passengers, go for a stroll or read a good book.
Environmentally friendly
When you choose to travel by train through Europe, you choose a mode of transportation that pollutes far less than most others.
Centrally located stops
One of the best things about European rail travel is the great location of the train stations. Major stations are usually right in the center of the city, with shops, restaurants and hotels just a couple of steps away. 
Great views
You see more than just clouds or the dirty back of a semi-truck. You experience the beauty of Europe first hand. From the train you see the lush green hills, the colorful cities and the quaint countryside.
No hassle at the borders
Rail passengers no longer have their identity checked by border guards when crossing borders of the Schengen countries. Random security checks still occur though. Choose European rail.Discover Europe using the most modern, safe, and budget-friendly means of transportation possible.